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Violent Running

I recently became a part of Violent Running Tribe. Members coming from all over the states, and even the world. Some people may call it a mini or wannabe ziptied, but I believe its an entity of its own kind. A new generation. I like the way the future looks for our group of die hard drivers. VRT, above the hype.

If you want to apply just instant message me(itsblackguy) or twitter me twitter.com/iamblackguy and I'll post your app, if its decent enough for me to pass it.

And here is the Violent Running Tribe Blog

The Hype Beast

Finally got the hype to the shop. I need to find transportation to south florida to pick up my differential then maybe i'll consider actually chopping away at the car. I need to pull the motor/trans, and get her up on 4 jack stands and just start general cleaning and maintenance. Definitely needs some TLC.

I can't wait to start buying essential parts to get this thing closer to finished. Currently looking for someone to do my harness, thats step 2 after the rear end purchase. Then its just buying off parts one by one until its all done.

As you can see Kevins car nearing completion, Corollacoaster #1 needs to start terrorizing.


Happy Monday?

Awesome videos to get rid of the monday work stress.

Ken Block 2

Will Roegge's FD Road Atlanta Footage

Formula D Atlanta 2009 from Will Roegge on Vimeo.

And just because I love it, Will Roegge's Drift Mechaniks video

Drift Mechanik's Don't Stop from Will Roegge on Vimeo.


Gettin rowdy at Road Atlanta

Went to Road Atlanta with Enjuku to promote and such. And I had the pleasure of meeting A lot of Team Rowdy/Drift Mechaniks/CFDrift guys. I had to much fun. Took sexy photos, drank a lot of beer and bro'd out while watchin some drift racin. It was definitely worth the trip. I dressed up for the occasion...

Some of my buddies drove the Pro am event.

Then I snapped a few shots myself
Jess took this one, i love it.
If you know how to lurk photobuckets the album isn't private so you can look through all the photos. Weekend was bad ass, can't wait for D1GP Miami, hope its not gonna live up to the fail that everyones talking about.


Kickin' it old school

Drifting in Japan Circa 1995 - The True Old School

Been a while since i've posted. Enjuku has been keeping me busy. Road Atlanta is in a few days!


Gettn' nasty

This is classified as getting nasty.

I will occassionally post random acts of gettin' nasty in this blog.

Sleepy time.
Abracadabra holmes.